Tis the Season to go Crazy!

What calms your anxiety during the holiday season? For me, it’s my end of the day quiet time with God. Most people say that works best for them in the mornings. I think that’s a great idea for some, but it’s important for you to find the time and place where you can put all your focus on God without the distractions and chaos around us. Maybe that’s mornings for you, but for me, not so much.

I’m up at 5am, and once my head lifts from the pillow, it’s GO GO GO! I will always find an excuse to not wake up earlier than that because quite honestly, I’m too tired. I spend time studying or praying during my train commute, but I would consider that more “study” time than “quiet” time.

Finding balance between the stresses of life, plus the craziness of the holidays, is tough. It’s so important for me to set aside time at the end of my day to find that true soul rest with God.

You have to do whatever works best for you. For me, I find my soul can be at peace when I end my day with God. I can sip my favorite tea, maybe light up some candles, and I can put all my anxiety to rest by having one-on-one study and prayer time with God – no distractions – no loud train people – no deadlines – just rest… Quiet and peaceful rest.

I just wanted to make a short and quick post to start December off on the right foot. I’ll be back to my Christmas Movie series on Thursday!

What things do you do to rest or find peace during the craziness of the holiday season?

When the holiday season is at its peak of craziness and fun, I know that’s the exact time I need to pause, talk to God and dig into His Word because that’s the only way I’m able to find soul rest at a time where physical rest might not be possible.


4 thoughts on “Tis the Season to go Crazy!

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  1. I’m like you in that my quiet time with God is in the evening hours. I’m not a ‘morning person,’ so I feel like I can’t give God the true devotion of time and focus that He deserves if I attempted to in the morning. I talk to God in the mornings while I’m getting ready, but my focus drifts at times. Plus, I rather end my day with God because I know whatever the day held for me, it will be ending in peace and joy!

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    1. Yes!!! We are very similar, my friend. I am definitely not a morning person, and it’s hard for me to get my attention fully on God because I’m so focused on my “to-do list.” I just think we need to do whatever works best for us. Everyone’s walk is different, so there’s no “one way” to do it. Anyways, thanks for reading. Love your input 😊


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