Joyful Habits

This is where I’ll share journal entries, quotes, or bible verses throughout the week to encourage joyful habits.



As a recovering people-pleaser, I still struggle through those thoughts that I’m being selfish if I need a break to take care of myself. As a Christian, I’ve found it’s almost easier for me to justify those actions because we’re supposed to put the needs of others before our own. So how can I find balance?

When helping others starts to feel like a burden, that’s probably a key indicator that you need to take a break. It’s not supposed to be that way.

I’m starting to realize that taking a break is the opposite of “selfish.” When you STOP to rest and care for yourself, you start to find that helping others becomes more natural again. Those burden-bearing feelings can turn back into the joy you get when you’re pouring into the lives around you.

If you’ve ever flown before, just remember the airline safety rule to put your oxygen mask on first before you start to help others. You can’t help the person next to you if you’re passed out on the floor!

How do you find rest? For me, rest can look like a lot of things. One of my favorite ways to rest is with a hot cup of tea, comfy pajamas, fuzzy socks, lit candles, kitty cuddles, and a good book. Just the thought of that warms my soul.



The struggle: Every time I think I’m in a good place, I’m reminded of something terrible I’ve done or been through, and I feel like I’m right back at square one.

The Truth: When it’s late at night and you can’t fall asleep or when you’re driving to work and a certain song comes on the radio, life has a way of throwing us subtle reminders of past mistakes or bad experiences. In those moments, you’re left with a choice. You can allow those moments to cripple you in shame and regret, or you can allow those moments to remind you of God’s grace.

Just look at how far you’ve come.
You are no longer broken – you’ve been made whole.
You are no longer a slave to your past – you are forgiven.
You, my beautiful friend, are an overcomer.

-Verses to cling to-
❣️2 Corinthians 5:17❣️
❣️John 3:17❣️
❣️Psalm 103:12❣️
❣️Romans 8:1❣️

As always, please reach out to me with any struggle or lie that you’re battling through. I’ll continue to study, pray, and write out some “joyful truths” for you to cling to.


Bad things are going to happen. It’s life, and it’s inevitable. We might not get to choose what happens to us, but we do get to choose our response. Today, I choose joy.





Things I’m good at:

  • making lists
  • apologizing or explaining myself when it is completely unnecessary

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of scenarios where I royally screw up, and an apology is necessary. Here are a few instances where I need to force myself to stop apologizing or explaining, and let it be.




My word for 2019 is “bold.” I want to be bold in my decisions, bold in my goals, bold facing my fears, bold beating down my anxiety, but most importantly – bold in my faith.

This is one of the moments of 2018.  I completed an obstacle race that forced me to face some of my fears – at one point, that fear was heights. There were obstacles that forced us to climb over huge walls, and even though at one point I might have cried (embarrassing), I didn’t quit. I’m still terrified of heights, but it felt amazing that I didn’t allow it to hinder me from moving forward in the race. What helped the most was having a team of friends who encouraged me to keep going. Whenever I feel like I am afraid to be bold, I won’t be hesitant to lean into my friends anymore. We aren’t meant to do this alone!

What is your word of the 2019??



Lie: I am not worthy of love or peace.

Truth: You are so highly favored and valued, that the King of the World paid His life for you. You are a child of God, and even though this world will give us trouble, He gives us peace that surpasses all understanding. Fight against those lies, and dwell in His truth. Continue to shine your light, my beautiful friend.

As I continue to hear from you guys about the struggles and lies you face, this seems to be a common one, and I can personally relate. As we start a new chapter, let’s continue to pray against the lies and remember who God says we are.



Lie: “I haven’t accomplished enough for my age.”

Truth: There is no model timeline that we all need to live by. You’re exactly where you need to be. God is growing you and preparing you for new things to come.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for whatever “timeline” they think your life needs to be on. People are going to continue to comment on where they believe you should be instead of where you are, whether it’s relationships, children, grief, your career path, etc. All I’m saying is that wherever you are at right now, is where you’re supposed to be. If you need a change in your life, you’ll make the change. Maybe you aren’t ready to but when you are, you’ll work up the courage and take the steps to make the change. Don’t force or rush a change on anything in your life based on someone else’s view of where they think you should be (even if that person is yourself).

You’re growing, and God is working in your life, and you’re exactly where you need to be. My prayer for you is that you trust in God during this process and see all the beauty in your current, every day life. I pray that you continue to take the steps to reach your goals but see how wonderful and amazing you’re already doing right now.



Making joy a habit can start with being the change. This will be one of many new years resolutions for 2019!



Anxiety has been getting the best of me lately, but today I’ll choose faith. I choose to trust God instead of worry. Care to join me?



Much like this cup of coffee, my Creator calls me “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Using this cheesy reminder to focus on truth and not dwell in the negative [or positive] opinions of others.



Have you ever had those moments where just as your about to give up on something, God sends someone or something to encourage you to keep going? That’s been happening a lot lately, and it has me thinking about those little “God instincts” or nudges we get from time to time. So, I want everyone (myself included) to try a few things in the next few days.

  • If someone pops into your head randomly, pray for them and send them an encouraging message. You’ll be surprised how many people will say, “I really needed to hear that.”
  • If someone did or said something that impacted you, tell them. They might be feeling like their actions don’t make a difference.
  • If you have a feeling someone might be struggling, pray and reach out to them. They probably need it more than you know.

Just go encourage someone – anyone… Maybe even a stranger.

My point is, don’t hesitate for even one second if you feel that little “God nudge” because someone might be praying for an answer, and God might be choosing you to be that answer.







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